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Singapore, 13 March 2014 – Design Excellence Awards is a hallmark event organized by Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) annually to recognize, endorse and celebrate local professional practitioners’ achievements and talented budding designers from international art & design institutions. 

Since the inception of Design Excellence Awards in 1990s, it was not till year 2011 that separate competition tracks were created, namely I-DEA (Industry Design Excellence Awards) and SPADE Awards (Spatial Design Awards), to honor creative design works of both the professionals and to-be designers from international art & design institutions consecutively. 

Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) is officially supported by Design Singapore Council and is also affiliated to the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) as well as International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers (IFI). Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) and we are proud to present the highest accolade of interior design industry in Singapore through Design Excellence Awards. 

Each year, a group of local and international prominent members will be invited to judge our competition entries. We are proud to have the President of IFI as our chief judge inaugurating DEA 2011 and the baton has now been passed to Mr Francis Surjaseputra, President of APSDA and HDII (Himpunan Interior Design Indonesia/Indonesian Society of Interior Designers).    

Singapore is a well connected centre between the East and West and it is necessary and important to continue this relationship internationally to up hold the high standard and expectation of all submitted design entries. 

IDC(S) is privileged to endorse these creative and excellent design projects in this year’s Design Excellence Awards with strong conviction on their design capabilities. This year the panel is looking for designers with an apt to cover a wide range of capabilities, which include the ability to essentially address the people-centric aspect in the design package. One that is conceptually and aesthetically appealing; has value-add to the project with reference to the local site context; and last but not least the degree of difficulties encountered in realising a design project. 

IDCS being the official professional body of the nation’s highest awards in the field of interior design takes pride in endorsing these design works.

IDC (S) is proud to announce results of DEA 2013/14 under the following categories including respective ‘Design of the Year’ awardees:

Click below for I-dea winning results.
industry winners

Click below for I-dea winning results.
winners listing

The Executive Committee of IDC(S) would like to acknowledge and thank their sponsors’ Admira Pte Ltd and Lee Foundation for their generosity in supporting the Design Excellence Award 2014. 

industry winners


Milestone 2014March – Interior Design Confederation (Singapore)

Milestone 2014March – Interior Design Confederation (Singapore)
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