SINGAPORE . 23rd March 2015 . Passing of a great man. Mr Lee Kuan Yew. (1923-2015)

SINGAPORE . 23rd March 2015 .
Passing of a great man.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew. (1923-2015)

above photo extracted from Channel News Asia Homepage.
Read more about our first Prime Minister here from

click below to read the The Straits Times’ 24-page special edition commemorating the life of Mr Lee Kuan Yew


An Eventful SingaPlural 2015 . Tours . Talks . Closing Party .


Talk by our President Design Award Winners, Mr Larry Peh, Mr Peter Tay, Mr Tan Kok Hiang in ‘The Power of Those who Engaged Us.’ A sharing of their process of being shaped by people and clients that they work with.

The tour at Bynd Artisan and Noden

Bynd Artisan
Bynd Artisan features a Gallery showcasing collaborations with local artists, a Retail space for paper and leather products and an Atelier, where craftsmen work and share their expertises.
Established in 2013, NODEN is an independent lifestyle store offering authentic vintage Scandinavian furniture, lifestyle and design goods.DSC_4476

The Closing Party . SingaPlural 2015 . 99 Beach Road .DSC_4684 DSC_4718 DSC_4722
Photos Courtesy of SingaPlural 2015.

SingaPlural 2015 Launch Party – March 9

SingaPlural 2015 Launch Party – March 9
_E8A5561_E8A5080_E8A5255_E8A4578Above photographs courtesy of SingaPlural

Visiting installation 49 @ 99 Beach Road, “Process” created by TOPOS Design Studio & PHUNK Studio.
(Left)Mr George budiman, President of IDCS, Mr Alan Fan, Design Director & Founder of TOPOS Design Studio, IDCS Council Member and Mr Alvin Tan, Co-Founder of PHUNK Studio.

Click below photo to see the installation in motion.
Photograph and video courtesy of Mr Alan Fan.

Head Down to SingaPlural 2015: 99 Beach Road “Process” today.
A total of 6 pillars of activities for the festival waiting for you to explore!
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