About Interior Design Confederation (Singapore)

IDCS Namecard 2013-2015-1Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation and a registered society under Singapore law.

First registered in 2003, IDCS evolved from the merger of two professional organisations – the Interior Designers Association and the Society of Interior Designers (Singapore), which had similar goals and objectives.

The core members of IDCS are individual designers qualified to provide interior design and related services.  Professionals within the confederation’s membership provide these services under a wide range of circumstances across all living, recreational and commercial sectors.

The confederation spearheads industry initiatives to reinforce our goals, which are:

  • To promote a clearer understanding of our profession
  • To raise the profile of our members
  • Increase the level of professionalism of our members, thereby elevating theCrespect and status of these professionals and the profession as a whole within the business community.
  • Managing corporate and individual expectations with regards to the level of service our members provide under fair contractual conditions.
  • The collection and sharing of information relevant to the conduct and execution of our profession in Singapore.

The Confederation assists and advises organisations and persons working in related areas such as architecture, engineering, property development, building and construction.  We are in close contact with government departments, institutions and neighbouring design associations. We are also members of DesignS, APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Association) and IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers).

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  • 促进大众对我们的专业有更清楚的了解
  • 为了提升我们成员的形象
  • 增加成员提高专业的培训提升成员在业界内的地位和尊重。
  • 调适成员所提供的服务水平是在公平的合同条件下与企业和个人预期的期望符合。
  • 收集和分享有关新加坡职业执行与操守相关的资料。

该联盟也协助与相关领域工作的人士及组织 如回建筑,土木工程、 房地产开发、 建设和施工等,我们与政府部门、 业界学府和邻国设计协会保持密切联系。我们也是新加坡设计联盟、 APSDA (亚太空间设计师协会) 和国际室内建筑师/设计师联合会的成员。

About DesignS 
A network of design-centric institutes and associations in Singapore, was officially launched on
29 June 2010 by Mr Lui Tuck Yew, then Acting Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts.

Formed in 2009 to provide a platform for the creation of a coordinated Design network, it comprises of nine member institutes from the multifaceted creative spectrum ranging from Advertising, Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, as well as Interior, Furniture, Graphic and Fashion Design.

DesignS’ primary goals are to foster a sense of community and network amongst design fields, to work in concert on joint educational and continual professional development and to jointly promote and advance the ‘Singapore Brand’ of design. The nine members of DesignS are:
1. Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As)
2. Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS)
3. Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) (IDCS)
4. Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)
5. Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)
6. Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA)
7. Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP)
8. Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore (TaFf)
9. The Design Society (TDS)

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